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12 Sep


love this

12 Sep


you can actually get a print of this at Etsy.   There are other images…Very erotic and sexy.



kirk loves spock

12 Sep

When I was younger I often wondered if Spock and Captain Kirk were a homosexual couple.  There were hints throughout the original series that would make you think, at least if you inclined to pick up on those markers.

I had read some of the fan fiction that portrays them as gay but most of the writing is so poor you can barely finish.

In my own imagination I picture Kirk as a dom top with a bit of  BDSM and leather, while Spock is definitely a sub bottom.  Femme in bed, submissive, serving Kirk’s every sexual whim and need.


Of course I realize that gay is not all about sex, that is the action act of sex, but it’s fun to think about.

Certainly I can picture Spock getting annoyed with Kirk’s constant demands and giving Kirk the Vulcan Nerve Pinch when he wants a break.

The new Star Trek Discovery has a gay couple, but that’s not quite what I need.  I want white hot passion and compassion; sensuality and sexuality.  When Star Trek Beyond revealed that Sulu was married to a man I almost didn’t notice.  Maybe I’ve grown to expect that box to be checked.

In the end I would enjoy a passionate homosexual relationship in a mainstream movie, like a Star Trek.  Something where the two lovers break away and fuck in unexpected places, like a typical depiction of a straight couple.  May Kirk could throw Spock up on a counter, kiss Spock hard and wet as Kirk slips into him.  Show it the same way you show straight sex.


poetic diversity – one new one

11 Sep

Today a new poem got published here.  I greatly appreciate the opinion of Marie Lecrivain and inclusion is well appreciated.

Marie also honored me with inclusion on Poetic Diversity but that won’t be around until April 2020.

would we ever fly, again?

11 Sep

i remember driving down the main road
in the dark of early morning;
driving toward another day; driving toward
another static day;

i remember walking into a hotel bar; i sold
to the hospitality industry in those days;
people crowded the TV; i had heard the
radio but it didn’t register;

i remember the images on repeat; no one
knew anything; smoke & fire & a man
jumped from the 86th floor; better than
burning; I guess;

i remember ending my day early; racing to daycare;
holding my daughter; knowing her
world forever changed & nothing would
be the same;

i remember the names; thousands of names;
& the faces covered in ash;
we were all the same color that day;

i remember the silence when i ran in
the woods behind my house; no planes
flying; would they ever fly again?

would we ever fly,

raven cage – six new ones coming

10 Sep

i followed the lead of fellow poet, Brian Rihlmann, a to a zine called Raven Cage.  after reading Issue 36 i thought i would submit some stuff.  the theme is fairly eclectic & breaks each issue into sub-genres.  & having published an on-line zine poetry journal i know that the format used is a fuck ton of work.  so congrats to jerry langdon.

i will be in issue 37 & will announce the particulars.  this six that were accepted were all thematically similar (rare for me) & based more on memory of the past than the present.

this one means a lot.


“my father” new at The Smoking Typewriter

8 Sep

thanks to rob plath for posting “my father” to the smoking typewriter.  it’s always a huge honor to be accepted by your peers.

Review: Justin Booth, The Luckiest Man

30 Aug

Told the end of phase 1 of my writing career – around 2010 – I really fell in love with writing reviews.  And I think I am going to get back at it.

George Anderson over at BOLD MONKEY was kind enough to post a review of Justin Booth’s The Luckiest Man.  BOLD MONKEY is a great site loaded with poetry and reviews of poetry books.  George has a keen eye.

Click here to get to the review.

rusty truck

26 Aug

scot young was gracious enough to publish four of my poems over at the Rusty Truck.  i was in this zine some 11 years ago and it’s fucking great to be back.


you can find that here

rob & jack america – radio show

20 Aug

a long time ago in the days of myspace poetry groups, rob plath and I had a radio show we called “rob & jack america.” it came from the idea we had of traveling across the country, doing poetry readings on the street and at any available venue, video taping it and making a documentary.  i actually had the chance to pitch the idea to A&E but it fell through.

we did 20 or so episodes of the show before i burned out completely and, finally, melted down to the point i couldn’t write or do much of anything.

flash forward ten years and i “found” the rob & jack america archives.  one of the best is with scott wannberg.  another with sa griffin.  and we even had wanda coleman on but it was a troubled show.  fortunately wolfgang carstens saved the day…

listening to the old show has pushed me to start it up again. rob and i have discussed it, and we would include puma perl, but we need a platform.  blogtalk radio charges now but i think i can get a sponsor for it.  we’ll see.

check it out here


horror sleaze trash – thinness of walls 1

17 Aug

the good people at HST have posted the first of three thematic poems.  the series is called “the thinness of walls.”  you can check the first one HERE.





bold monkey – four poems

17 Aug

big thanks to my friend George Anderson at Bold Monkey for publishing four new pieces here

dope fiend daily – loss

16 Aug

recently published at dope fiend daily.  you can find it at the dope fiend daily




red fez – ashes in a gray paper box

16 Aug

The good people at Red Fez were gracious enough to publish “Ashes in a Gray Paper Box” recently.  To view please go to Red Fez



winamop – three poems

16 Aug

thankful to Winamop for publishing three of my poems:  Mayakovsky, Relapse, and A Call to Prayers…

You can find the post at Winamop

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