Review of Rob Plath’s New Chap by Misti Rainwater-Lites

10 Jul

With terse, tight lines Rob Plath’s poems skimp on self-indulgent blather and tap into the universal with fistic style. Rob’s poems will knock your teeth out and then buy you a beer. So many poets falsely believe that the details of their lives are fascinating enough to jot down accessible lines with no concern for craft. While Rob’s poems are accessible, the lines are not slapped down on the page in the all too typical “dear reader, my life sucks and here is why” pity party fashion that has become so ubiquitous. It is difficult to pick out only a couple of poems from this collection. They are all stellar. The two I keep going back to, however, are better than a rabbit’s foot and flip your zippo, bitch & shut up. My favorite stanza from better than a rabbit’s foot:

the everyday thought
of death
is a little
sickle you
carry around
on your key chain
along with
a bottle opener

In flip your zippo, bitch & shut up Rob courts death with a cigarette and flicks the ashes on the heads of the paranoid health conscious. This poem made me laugh out loud and feel like an idiot for making my husband buy all that overpriced nicotine gum.

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