kendra steiner editions

3 Nov

i have one coming out in january. you can read about it here.

here’s the quote from KSE…

“…as will a collection of new and dynamic poetry from Jack Henry called EMPTY HOUSES. It’s quite different from what you may think Jack Henry’s poetry is like, but Jack is a multi-talented man full of surprises and he’s working in a more kaleidoscopic vein in his KSE debut chapbook. It will be a strong release for January 2009. Beyond his own powerful poetry, Jack’s been doing great work for poetry with his ROB & JACK AMERICA internet radio show and with his d/e/a/d/b/e/a/t press. I know that Jack, like yours truly, is spread too thin and has too many responsibilities, but he realizes that IF WE DON’T DO IT NOW, IT WON’T GET DONE, so he gets it done…as I try to here at KSE. In the immortal words of Neil Young, it’s better to burn out than it is to rust.”

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