queer times

7 Dec

someone told me that when i blog something i need to add more words. short. punchy. sentences. that way i can draw traffic to my blog. which isn’t really the point of this blog. but whatever. you know? i imagine you don’t.

so i might punch up a couple of posts. see what happens.

so queer times, a new gay themed rag from glorious england has accepted four of my gay themed poems. and you didn’t think i had it in me. (snicker) there isn’t a link to their page, as yet. in fact i am not entirely sure they will have an exact page but the do have this, (click) if you have little tolerance for gay themes or a writer being able to write in different voices or anything other than a monolithic, single vision, myopic, conservative point of view i recommend avoiding it. however, if you are level headed and open, check it out.

so you can check back and i will link it up…


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