deep tissue magazine

13 Jan

Okay…I have an upcoming interview with a mix of poems in Glen Lantz’s Deep Tissue Magazine which is PDF download deal from the mySpace platform. The first one looks pretty good, at least I enjoyed it, and when I blog here in the dark where no one else listens, I can say whatever I want. HA! So Deep Tissue is here. And the link to issue number one is here. THere is also a relationship to the 10K Poet crew. I believe Deep Tissue is a part of that. So you can go to 10K Poet, here. Or to their mySpace, here.

I think Glen or 10K or someone related to all this has taken over Eviscerator Heaven which has gone through more lives that a feral cat living in junk yard. Eviscerator Heaven is here.

And now that I have bumped back and forth between mySpace and hell and other odd places, I found this on 10K zine…jesus….

10K Poets Zine is an online magazine that features poetry from unknown poets. The purpose of this magazine is to provide poets with a vehicle to express their work.

We currently Publish 3 Poetry Zines. They can be viewed on this page by clicking on the appropriate Links of the Zine Covers. They are:

Eviscerator Heaven

10K Poets Zine

Deep Tissue Magazine

10K Poets Zines – Submissions:

Send 3 – 5 poems in the body of an e-mail. Put Submission, your name, and the Name of the Zine that you want to be considered for in the subject line of the e-mail. We will get back to you in a couple of weeks. We are open to all forms of poetry. No simultaneous submissions. We prefer Non-Published Material, but will consider all work. Send us your best and creative stuff. Most of all it should be entertaining and enjoyable to read. Include a Short Bio & your MySpace URL in your submission.(Any submissions w/o a Bio & MS URL will not be considered) Send your poetry or prose submissions to:

So there you go…


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