19 Jan

So I have been so fucking sick and now I am sick of being fucking sick I can’t tell you. Flu/cold for six weeks, now this kidney thing for almost a week. The pain comes and goes. You know doctors, they don’t wanna give out the script with the real killers, so I have to go off the reservation to acquire proper cessation of this stab to my gut.

Another issue is that I quit smoking AND started a low-fat, low carb diet on the same goddamned day. What am I thinking? Quit some other nastiness too but that took about two seconds. Funny thing is that I quite smoking no problem but quiting cheese may be the end of me.


Since I’ve been sick I have not done shit with d/e/a/d/b/e/a/t press nor have I opened any email from y’all about HEROIN LOVE SONGS. And I bitched about getting more subs…I know, I know. But I will get there. I promise.

d/e/a/d/b/e/a/t press
On January 19 2009 I am going to get the webpage pumping and jumping. Then I will pound through Doug Draime’s book. We are this close. This close…And I need to get a hold of all the writers that are in with it. Looks like TRIPLE SHOT is the only way we can do it in a viable manner. Shipping/Handling at all the POD’s have shot up and they suck.

BLACK/book MAD/ness will continue but in a limited form. I have some things I am working on, software and such, so I may just DIY BLACK/book MAD/ness. It may not look as good, but it will be cost effective.

This is my baby and I love it. I will keep pumping y’all for more subs…More good shit, more, more, more…Bring it hardcore every day. Volume Five will have an interview with Tony O’Neill and Ben Biesek of Cause & Effect. Hopefully I will have a few more editor interviews for V5. Ben is in for sure. We shall see.

The deal with the editor chit-chat is all for me, and since the zine is mine…I am curious about their ideas on NEW MEDIA LITERATURE. That kind of thing. Should be interesting. If anyone has any ideas, throw ’em at me.

rob & jack america
We kicked off this season with PUMA PERL and she was just great. If you don’t know PUMA, you are missing out. She has a chapbook at erbacce. The show has its own unique page at http://www.blogtalkradio.com and that is here.

I appreciate all the support from last year and we will struggle this year because of the economy, but we WILL make it…



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