rob & jack america say hello to…Mark Walton

1 Feb

yeah i am a bit of a self promoter, for the show, myself and whatnot. it’s like a curse. and we have had some amazing shows on rob & jack america. i have come to realize that i cherish this fucking thing more than i realized. it is a pain in the ass. truly, but a labor of love.

i don’t expect or even care if anyone listens to the show. really, it’s for me and rob and the guest, a chat at a bar of sorts. i dunno.< but sometimes you get touched by the poetry and that’s the magic isn’t it?

the reason i write is to flush out the shit, gain perspective, share and hope others will find value in the words, but it is just for me. i am my audience and i think a lot of poets forget that. i do. all the fucking time. and i am sure that Mark Walton does as well, but there was no evidence of that today.

when he read my arms were shaking, my heart racing. it was one of those moments where the poetry hits and means something. he didn’t write it for me or anyone like me but it hit me like a fucking sledge hammer.

and i have to admit i was more honest on today’s show than ever and i hope that is leaching to my writing, because i will tell you that up to now, this moment, this day, it hasn’t been that way. not always. sure themes and ideas and moments of glaring red hot stick in the eye honesty hit, but now the poem is the thing. in totality.

i am not one to wax on about anything (wax on, wax off-admit you thought of the movie) but this was a true honor today. in the past i always said i didn’t give a fuck what people thought about me, my press, my writing, my bulletins, my whining, and i meant it at some level. now i really mean it. if you don’t like me, fine; if you read this far and delete me fine; if feel nothing, fine; but i am one of those annoying asshole poets that has to spit everything up and it doesn’t matter the forum. poem, blog, bulletin, short story about britney—it doesn’t matter.

so i will ask you, without expectation, to listen to Mark Walton read, or buy his chapbook or check out the new Heroin Love Songs where his work leads off the journal…but take the time. if you don’t like it, no worries. if you don’t like his orientation, who cares? no one. but some of you will like, a few will love it. this is your chance.

with respect and admiration to the truly fearless, truly honest,

jack henry

Mark Walton

rob & jack america


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