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3 Feb

Notes From the Front:


Mini social networks seem to be the current rage. There are a couple I am aware of that relate to poets/writers &/or freebasers. Make sure you add me if you< join up. You can set up your own page, post to a blog, basically all the shit you can do with MySpace, but a little more focused to the respective Small Presses.

Outsider Writers

Epic Rites

Commonline Project
Issue One; 2009 is up and awaiting your eager eyes. It’s a solid zine that carries poetry, interviews and other writing tasty treats. Check them at the link. All the details are on the web page. They are open for submissions pretty much all the time. Don’t suck!

Click here.

Zygote in my Coffee
Brian Fugett brings it hardcore with the reincarnation of ZIMC. The return issue is clinging to the lip and ready to drop at the end of February. Make sure you visit at Zygote and add the MySpace.

The 6th print edition of Zygote in my Coffee will be available at the end of February 2009! Pre-order a copy between now and Lincoln’s birthday (February 12th) for a meager $5 (includes shipping)! That’s a whopping $3 off the cover price of $8. Go to the link below to pre-order:

Click to pre-order

Here is the LINE-UP for Zygote in my Coffee print #6:

Ellaraine Lockie / S.A. Griffin / John Dorsey / Bradley Mason Hamlin / Daniel S. Irwin / Ross Vassilev / Brett Stout / Mathias Nelson / Alistair Quietsch / Kendall A. Bell / Michele McDannold / Ralph Michael Chiaia / Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal / John Rocco / Justin Hyde / Alec Cizak / Danielle McDonnell / Carl Miller Daniels / David Labounty / R.C. Edrington / William Taylor Jr. / M.K. Chavez / Stephen Morse / Willie Smith / Glenn W. Cooper / Erin Davison / Michael Grover / Courtney Campbell / Dan Provost / J.J. Campbell / Jack T. Marlowe / Ross Runfola / Scott Wannberg / F.N. Wright / Jason Fisk / A.S. Osel / Katie “KABOOM” Erlanger / Antony Hitchin / James Babbs / Shane Allison / Jason “Juice” Harding / Rob Plath / Andrew Lander / C. Allen Rearick / Cheryl Townsend / Natalie Evans

Debris Magazine
Winter 09 is out and available.

This is a real nice production and an excellent line-up, as always. All the links are at the main webpage.

Breadcrumb Scabs
This is a relatively new magazine looking for love and affection. Their main webpage is here:

From their page:
Breadcrumb Scabs presents Issue 2, February 2009. Cover art by Astrid Sæverhagen. Inside, poetry by Maya Lowy, Corey Mesler, J. Michael Wahlgren, Joseph Reich, Andrew Taylor, Misti Rainwater-Lites, Melinda Bean, Puma Perl, Craig Sernotti, Christian Ward, George Anderson, Christine Balmes, Mary McMillan, William Doreski, Tom Sheehan, April Michelle Bratten, Luca Penne, JodiAnn Stevenson, Aisha Abillou.

They have a free download PDF and a purchase print copy. Both are at LULU.COM. See the main page for the link.

The Poetry Warrior
Issue Three is popping at their site. A really great mag that you will love. They are always looking for a good write.

Click here

Beat the Dust
Some startlingly good shit is rising above the snow in England.

Click here

Rusty Truck
Here’s a little blogzine Puma Perl turned me on to. Some solid writing.

“The Rusty Truck is simply here to publish the best poetry and flash fiction on the planet. Submissions are not open at this time but check back here frequently and for now enjoy the best writing online or in print. Contact may be made at :”

Click here

NOTE: Subs may or may not be open, I didn’t confirm.

decomP magazine
February 2009 is up and out and here and there. All the links to facebook and MySpace are on the main site. Excellent stuff, but you might have to think.

Click Here

Second Wind Publishing

Radio Shows

Lots of interesting radio shows out there. Some on Blogtalk ( and some on one I just found out about called Now Live.

From 10K Poets (at Now Live)
The Beards emerge from the chilly Midwest winter to throw it down. This Wednesday, February 4, 2009, at 10:00 PM EST. Scheduled to read are:
John Dorsey / Jason “Juice” Hardung / Dan Provost / Michael Grover / Lester Allen / Katie Kaboom

Follow the link:

Outsider Writers Radio
Here’s an announcement:

Bands should send mp3s ONLY, say two per email, if they’re not too long. Poets may send mp3s also but I think I said if they send up to 10 poems pasted into an email (NOT in attachments) then I can choose some things to read. Oh, and another interesting thing, if ambient musicians would like to offer instrumentals for me to read submitted poems to that would be cool. Everyone who submits should send name, where they’re from and one or two lines maximum of bio or words concerning their work. Send to You may copy this notice and spread it around.

Not sure what platform but here it is…

Random Facebook Groups

Heroin Love Songs

beat the dust

the Alternative Works (GLBT)

Shoots and Vines

Help Support Independent Publishers

Toronto Quarterly

Tinfish Press

Poetry Cemetery

Big Toe Review

Redheaded Stepchild Magazine

Covert Press

Parasitic Lit

Lit Up Magazine

The Beat

Send suggestions to me at


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