rob & jack america: welcome suzy devere

15 Feb

suzy devereis on the show and it cost me $100. seems she is a prostitute and a drug addict, married or something and a bunch of other things. i don’t really know much about her but she throws down poetry wise and that’s enough, although she said she’d do the show nude and with a webcam. i’m guessing you’ll have to pay for that as well.

my recommendation is to tune in and keep the webcam off. you never know. i might accidently open mine and that is a fate the world can do without. hell, my g/f wants to do without.

so on Sundaywhen you’re doing nothing, and you know you are doing nothing, zip it up and click on a legitimate website. you can browse back to the porn during the show, but open another browser page.

alright, ladies can feel free to NOT zip up. ladies rights and rules apply to blogtalk radio, specifically with rob & jack. nude or otherwise, the ladies are always welcome to listen, call in, chat, not give a fuck, whatever…

ok, so suzywill be on pretty much at the top. jackwill limit his dumbass commentary, yvon cormierwill call in and chat about the new poetry event coming up in June, and the indomitable rob plathwill continue to be the glue that keeps it all together.

with that said don’t be chickenshit, take some time out of your day. most of us are unemployed so why the fuck not?

again, SUNDAY 12 NOON PST/3 PM EST, naked callers get priority.

here’s the link:
suzy devere (BTW CLICK HER NAME)

see ya



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