update from the edge of a temporary hell

26 Feb

Jury is still out on WORDPRESS blogs. At least for me. In some instances they work much better than BLOGGER and in others, it sucks. If only someone would combine the functionality of the two. BLOGGER’s posting edit-ability is so much better than WORDPRESS. What can you do? 6_001

update from the edge of a temporary hell

Some announcements, and I know how these things annoy the fuck out of some of you (why you can’t delete is beyond me), so I will just blog it, let it upload into Facebook, and suck back another shot of tequila.

d/e/a/d/b/e/a/t press

Up from the ashes comes a new book of poetry by DOUG DRAIME. This is one of the poets that has been fucked over by mainstream poetry outlets. He’s from the school of the streets and one of the premiere writers of his, and mine, generation. If you like honest, in your face, fuck it if you can’t take it poetry, this is for you. Watch for updates.


Haven’t heard back on my last interview so I am going to press Friday if I hear nothing more. The print edition is a keeper and I am pricing it at cost. Buy six, the shipping is lower per unit…Fucking LULU. I may move the journal to a different POD. Will let you know.

rob & jack america

Big things, big times, big fun: we keep rolling and it just won’t stop.

The slate of guests is beginning to fill and we are slotted through April. More announcements soon, as well as a blog page that will link all the d/e/a/d/b/e/a/t endeavors.

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