12 Mar


i don’t do this much because it leaves the taste of vomit in my mouth, but if you have an interest in owning A JACK HENRY CHAPBOOK you can go to a couple of places to do so. That is, if you have interest in A JACK HENRY CHAPBOOK. Of course you might not have interest in A JACK HENRY CHAPBOOK so deleting this note or just ignoring might be your best bet.

1. empty houses…my only edition of curse free poetry. it’s available directly from me and i have a few left. pretty much free if you want, but don’t count on me having one. it’s not that they are jumping off the shelf, it’s just i gave away a bunch as christmas presents…(yeah, i’d be pissed to if i got a chapbook for christmas)

2. the wonderful people at erbacce-press did one called “the downtown cafe.” this volume focuses solely on my LOS ANGELES based poetry. it’s the one i think is most representative of a A JACK HENRY CHAPBOOK. go to:

3. CC&D has one of mine but you really have to want A JACK HENRY CHAPBOOK to get this one. searching is not easy and i won’t make it easier to find. if you are really curious let me send you a fee PDF. query me…

4. there better writers at my lulu bookstore, but i am there too. “chasing screaming monkeys without any clothes,” won an award in Madagascar.

5. i have a new one coming on SCINTILLATING PRESS, which is really good and one from EPIC RITES that will shock you into a coma. Oh, and a book from NEOPOEISIS in summer.


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