luciole press

30 Mar

for reasons beyond me my friends at LUCIOLE PRESS have released two more of my poems in their stellar on-line zine. i am completely humbled. the interesting thing about this zine is its interconnectedness to the LA and SF poet scenes, both past and present. it’s amazing company for a hack poet as myself to be a part of and i am humbled…

it is here.


there used to be green grass meadows
where elephants are now
they’ve chomped and smashed and crushed
it now, dust to dust to dust we return

we let them in, through brass gates,
feed them with buckets full of seeds
and dreams and future hope –
most folks thought the elephants
would bring back the past,
glory day reverie lost in a foggy consciousness

now the elephants only want more,
they move across lines and over fences,
chomping and smashing and crushing
other green grass meadows

donkeys hover on the sidelines, waiting
for their chance to graze, to destroy,
to dominate all that is left of green grass
meadows, and they won’t leave much –
most donkeys are only jackasses in disguise

your eyes keep binding to the back of my skull

i met you in the bubbling shade of a dying elm tree
in a dusty park near the middle of town,
past where debutantes and millionaires
trade passions as easy as watching time on
McDonald’s giveaway plastic clocks,
down deep between cracks in the road

your eyes keep binding to the back of my skull,
shared luminescence that makes simple
eyes bleed through amber hues of stolen clouds,
a diseased smile spreads a spotted rash across my kidneys,
but my liver’s pickled from too much time

we dare not touch, excess is too
fleeting, and my cancer won’t stop spreading
if hope comes around

blind and impatient, a yellow bird cracks
wise before judgment rendered from within the
mouth of a gray tabby

subtle nuance slides sickly smooth
through corridors of timid candor
and mediocre lust – at least the warmth
of an indifferent sun offers resistance to
the rising cold


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