with the patience of monuments –

25 Jul

juliet wilson, editor of bolts of silk and a fine writer, has written a review of the new tome, with the patience of monuments. i have had the good fortune of appearing in bolts of silk. for the curious that link is here.

i must make one observation, or, perhaps, a question, in regards to the review. ms. wilson being of the united kingdom may not be familiar with the actual geography of los angeles, but this line from her review made me smile.

There are many poems here about Los Angeles, its bookshops and pawn shops, churches, liquor stores and rivers…emphasis mine.

there are indeed rivers in los angeles, a great many in fact. however, the majority of them are encased in concrete.

cheers to you, juliet! i appreciate your time and the review.

you can find her review at Crafty Green Poet, here.

photos below are the Los Angeles River:

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