with the patience of monuments –

27 Jul

with the patient of monuments by jack henry

my response

jack henry’s large heart, a veteran of wars, accidents, fears, madness, disillusion, is, in these 80 different dance halls of image and sound, breaking invisible bread with jesus as the latter downs his meds with shots of tequila, while on the corner of 6th and Los Angeles streets the meteor of hope has crashed into Obama’s tag team and the churches of the sky are rolling across clouds of Charlie Parker’s smoke.

jack henry is a knight, vassal, cowboy, dancer, fortune teller who sometimes can’t find his crystal ball, but eventually discovers his eyes, ears, and heart are more powerful than atomic weapons and paranoia.

the guards of everything may feel they know his name, but there are rooms inside his music that they will never be able to access. if castles do fall in each pause, motion, which is jack’s nickname, builds a new front porch made of sway, and dreams that are matinees in old theaters suddenly become crisp new lucid prints forever being viewed in the moment of our attempted lives.

jack henry finally is an ongoing process and this collection of visions, memory, hope, pain, and kickass music, will see you through to your own morning where little birds sing and ring with great enthusiasm, and the dead woman in the corner of a rich man’s eyes will ride again across the landscape of jack’s saxophone.

scott wannberg
florence, oregon
july 26 2009

note: Scott has a tremendous new book out called and it is available here.
scotts book

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