with the patience of monuments – felino soriano

31 Jul

from felino soriano


Many contemporary poets appear to hide behind the façade of “poetic language”, using this subjective brand of tongue to provide abundance of unnecessary metaphor and to conjure within the reader a brand of reality irrelevant to the rising actuality enveloping absolute existence. Jack Henry is no such poet. His language reveals a reality based on the existential definition of self-made milieu, providing avenues of his visited and revisited happenstance to be italicized in an antiquated world of the quotidian humdrum. “With the Patience of Monuments” declares that this poet is a being of awareness, aware of core human emotions, both the delightful and scornful, and excavates even further an emotional read from those interlocking their vision with the images ascending from the page: “i no longer move / when your words / cry, when your squalor / rises and steals your breath, / when the abyss bridges / front to back and lies / become the fodder / of a morning meal”

This collection will become a grand standard of poetry for subsequent poets wishing to attach to humans’ proclaimed universal emotions, and thus, defining itself within the conceptual reality that Henry acts as a reflectional base of an utmost observer of the human condition.

Felino Soriano, author of 10 collections of poetry, including “Apperceptions of Reinterpretations” (Calliope Nerve Media, 2009)


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