with the patience of monuments – joe milford

1 Aug

from joe milford

August 1, 2009 –

If all the drug deals, pawnshop exchanges, and alley-way beatitudes could find their confessional booth, With The Patience of Monuments might be the stenographer’s transcript. This book is not for the innocent, unless it is their time for initiation. Herein you will find an infested wooden rollercoaster tempting tragedies, the eyes of New Orleans’ gargoyles always watching, the light at the end of a sewer tunnel, a priest shooting dope. In his intro, Jack Henry, responding to the fact that his editor called his book “religious” or “spiritual”, plaintively states, “…it’s a tax write-off and I can piss off another priest.” However, in one poem, Jack Henry states that he does not piss on “the back walls of a sacred place.” The sacred erupts within the profane in this collection, and vice versa, but both are respected by a poet who does not write, by his own admittance, to get into heaven or into hell, or to get out of either one of them.

joe milford
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