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2 Aug

random promotion because that’s how i roll

i just received word that i should have cover art by the end of this upcoming weekend, which i am guessing at august 9. with the patience of monuments is the culmination of a lifelong dream to get a full-length book of poetry out into the world and this is it. some have questioned why i am with neopoiesis press and the better question is why are they with me. regardless the answer the book is coming…

today, august 2, i had the good fortune of being on the jane crown show. in the next week or so i will spoil the airwaves on epic rites radio and on october 10, 2009 on the joe milford show.

if you missed the show and i imagined a few of you did, you can get the download here
join my facebook group dedicated to the upcoming release, here

epic rites radio is here.
joe milford radio show is here.

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random thoughts about “with the patience of silence”

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“If all the drug deals, pawnshop exchanges, and alley-way beatitudes could find their confessional booth, With The Patience of Monuments might be the stenographer’s transcript. “

joe milford
host, the joe milford radio show

# # #

“With the Patience of Monuments” declares that this poet is a being of awareness, aware of core human emotions, both the delightful and scornful, and excavates even further an emotional read from those interlocking their vision with the images ascending from the page…”

Felino Soriano,
author of 10 collections of poetry, including “Apperceptions of Reinterpretations” (Calliope Nerve Media, 2009)

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“jack henry finally is an ongoing process and this collection of visions, memory, hope, pain, and kickass music, will see you through to your own morning where little birds sing and ring with great enthusiasm, and the dead woman in the corner of a rich man’s eyes will ride again across the landscape of jack’s saxophone.”

scott wannberg
florence, oregon

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Juliet Wilson, ed at Bolts of Silk, said some nice things about the book over at her blog, Crafty Green Poet. you can check that here.

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scot young, ed @ rusty truck, has a review of the book outsider writers, here

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“With the patience of monuments”, Jack Henry takes his unique style and propels it skywards. To read him, is to read a life lived with all its softness and all its brutalities. ”

Connie Stadler

# # #

“Jack Henry steps beyond the page in his newest collection of poetry. In the forward to with the patience of monuments he speaks of the thread that holds the book together, and in his poems he is Christ and Pilate and the spear thrust between his own ribs all at once. “

Gail Kelley

# # #

“Jack Henry writes with a measured authority. It’s about time that this authority stretched itself across a large body of work. Writing like this comes along infrequently and that, makes it all the more valuable. ”

Dr Andrew Taylor
co-editor and publisher
erbacce and erbacce-press

# # #

“Jack Henry has hit a nerve, a human one that runs through all of us whether we like it or not. Henry Miller once wrote that the only journey worth taking was the one that goes inside, that delves into our own nasty miasma and pokes, prods, reveals who we really are. Jack goes there. “

– David E. Oprava
publisher, Grievous Jones

# # #

“Jack Henry’s poetic voice speaks here again with mastery and precision. The poems in this collection are raw and powerful, probably dangerous…These poems will cut you, then rifle through your wallet. But they will also reveal vulnerability and humanity while so doing. This is a book you need.”

– David McLean
Hellbound, Epic Rites Press


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