poem: beyond a certain familiarity

4 Aug

beyond a certain familiarity

an old man walks
between the shadows
of his footfalls,
between the sound
of light overtaking dark
and the diminishing returns
of time itself

it is morning
the sun has risen
above and through
lingering clouds
of a sainted storm
trees that line the boulevard
sit still

the streets are empty

an old man moves
down the sidewalk
without direction or curiosity
without wonder or amazement
those thoughts
those realities
are gone

she died in the middle of the night
some time ago
how many months?
how many years?
she died for no reason
no purpose

just dead

without written notice
without doctors warning
without discretion

a small black bird with yellow eyes
ruffles its feathers
hip deep in a gutter puddle
and does not look up
when a shadow
passes by

a gardener mows perfect green grass
a police car slows
a traffic light changes from green to red
a dog barks
old man in park


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