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20 Aug

catching up on non-essential debt

seems i am in a few anthologies over at children, churches and daddies via Scars Publications. an eclectic bunch to be sure, but a nice group of writers. the anthologies collect previous issues of the magazine as well as the chapbooks released in a given time frame.

go for the other writers, if anything…know the books are a little pricey but there is a list of who’s in what so you can make the educated purchase. blather, blather, blather….

dark matters a select group of previously accepted writers. somehow i got in this…

hope & creation this anthology contains my first chapbook, “snow in summer and the playground is closed,” in its entirety. and to use the expression, little-seen, would be an understatement, regarding my chapbook…

survival of the fittest is a collection of C,C, % D issues of which i had the honor to be in two.

laying the groundwork is well…see above.

just thought i would update the blog with a bit more self promotion….

dark anth hope anth
survival anth laying anth
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