poems – perish a thought & formal indecision

22 Aug

perish a thought

night stretches across
artifacts of memory
hot flesh touch
with the pulse
of fevered blood

she goes through the motions
of routine

eyes meet
glance away
a bus filled
and odd dodgers
rumbles down streets
named after dead presidents
rotting corpses
dance in the afterlife

there is no ā€œiā€ in forever
and the silence
it brings

formal indecision

my madness
keeps growing
historic buildings
torn to rubble
dust streets with
old skin
and asbestos

indecision mars my path

at seven
a young boy
on city streets
buried under
blaze light
of Autumn

a panicked classroom
fills with
hopeful tomorrows
even then

i knew

even then i felt
the pulse in my skin
my destination
the first time
i wandered under
a short pink skirt
on a Hollywood whore

a Hollywood whore
no older than me
no brighter than me
whose dreams
slow turn
from Prince Charming
to heroin and

my dreams turn too
just as air returns to shattered lungs
just as a parade passes by

she once whispered
in my ear
and i thought
how can i refuse?
but terror filled her eyes
when my smile
to show

(c) 2009 jck hnry heavy industries

(c) 2009 jck hnry heavy industries</sub


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