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23 Aug

heroin love songs to join Epic Rites group –

wolfgang carstens, agent provocateur at epic rites asked to have heroin love songs become a part of his independent press. i agreed.

when HLS imploded the last time i had grown tired of doing the thing alone. i had help, readers and whatnot, but i did a great deal of the work. and it got old. not that writing wasn’t excellent. in most cases, brilliant, but a bunch personal issues came to a head around the same time.

it has been pointed out to me that this has occurred before and it had. there’s nothing i can do about that. it happens. i’m a fuck up. i get it. to those that i caused stress or concern or embarrassment, i apologize. truly. canceling HLS Seven killed me. if we never work together again, i understand that as well.

so now what?

HLS will move to Epic Rites. i will continue to edit it, but will have greater input from others at Epic Rites. HLS will have a page on their URL as will i.

more importantly…Heroin Love Songs is back. different asylum, same insanity.

there’s more to follow. we’re not taking submissions yet, but will…soon.

HEROIN LOVE SONGS, a journal of irreverance

HEROIN LOVE SONGS, a journal of irreverance

hls v 5 3.1


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