poem: through it all

26 Oct

through it all

and the screaming just didn’t stop
my scream
our scream
together and separate
blended into one, into many
fragmented by motion and violence
and an air thick with hesitation

this night
sweet silence fills my skin,
as i lay near sleep
sleep teasing
so close
it’s tendrils just touch
whisper my skin
ghost atop my breath

hooks pull at my limbs
from far horizons
all horizons
no sun shines amongst leaves of wayward polar trees
violence, so deep in my voice, lifts
a bird lost in thermals deep upward pull
i call to you, at last,
i think
this earth, warm in my hands,
and yet, through it all
i remember
as well

we walk
once more
through tall weeds
tall grass
grass so tall it embraces me
holds me
buries me deep from sight
sentries search
but we are lost in our travel
your deepest secret
wet upon my tongue
i no longer smile unless
eyes, your eyes
true eyes see that which i see

and stand firm
as fear melts
that which turns away


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