2 poems –

17 Nov


and again,
streets fill with debris,
newspapers drift languid
without direction
or guidance
snow melts so soon
fill concrete rivers
with cool water

on television
news show report
small things
as Events of the Century

i wonder

it will be morning soon
another day

things will not feel
very little has changed
the Koi still swim tight circles
cats still wait for breakfast
a full-length mirror reminds me
of details i already know

if i could dance
i might
but my limbs are not my own
nor are my thoughts

two steps

the Poet walks
down a familiar street
one he has cast a shadow on

faces nod in recognition
he cannot lift his gaze

a woman calls to him by name
his walk slows
but does not stop
she falls in with him
whispers words unoriginal

in an alley door way
he trades silver and gold
for crystal and ice

a dog barks and crosses the street
a girl says, hey baby
songs from the 60s play on a transistor radio
two old men sit out front of a barbershop
the Poet disappears in a men’s room at Denny’s
rediscovers reality
but not redemption

the first hit burns
a blood rush cracks his veins
hit four brings incandescence
that Jesus never knew


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