poem: prayer

12 Dec


where are all the stars
the heroes
mountains yet to climb
air, yet to breathe

where are the kingdoms
formerly of concrete?
of absolution?
where are the hands that heal my scream?

where are the lights?
passengers from Mumbai?
where are warriors that
have nothing left to be thrown?

where are the roads
that lead to a startling forever?
where is the veil that hides truth ever more?

where is the whiskey
that soothes my disinterest?
where is in the cannon
that tears it all down?

where is freedom?
we piss away by inches
where is the god that
will save us all?

where is a government
to harbor the helpless?
where is the hand
to save those left behind?

where is the smile
when memory becomes present?
where is the dream
i kept frozen in a field of pure snow?


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