14 Dec

i have three poems in SCYTHE. for those that don’t know this is Joe and Chenelle Milford’s journal that accompany’s their outstanding radio show. it is brilliant and includes some fine writers within the electronic pages.

i am there too, link. you need to click on Scythe Volume 1 on the nav bar to find it.

here’s a list of those in the thing:

Dan Albergotti, Christopher Bakken, Charles Clifford Brooks III, Tammy Foster Brewer, Dustin Brookshire, Grace Cavalieri, Joshua Clover, CA Conrad, Chad Davidson, Andrew Demcak, Mike Dockins, John Dorsey, Russell Edson, Miguel Escobar, Clayton Eshleman, Gregory Fraser, Lisa Forrest, Geoffrey Gatza, Leonard Gontarek, Beth Gylys, Jeremy Halinen, Jason Hardung, James Harms, Jack Henry, Patrick Herron, Bob Hicok, Ernest Hilbert, Matthew Hittinger, Jamie Iredell, Collin Kelley, Karl Koweski, Jeffrey Ethan Lee, Nick McRae, Carol Novack, David Oprava, Radames Ortiz, Scott Owens, Simon Perchik, Puma Perl, Donald Platt, John Poch, Christine Rhein, Randy Resh, Chad Sweeney, Michael Tyrell, Emily Van Duyne, Dara Wier, Evan Willner & Dean Young

the one’s i know are in bold but based on joe’s ability to pick excellent writers you can check any of them and be semi-happy. the show’s link is here.

there are a couple of other good radio shows out there:

the ashtray, hosted by rob plath
the jane crown show, hosted by jane crown


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