poem: two tourists on a bus and in a restaurant in san francisco

15 Dec

Two Tourists on a Bus and in a Restaurant in San Francisco

big bus riding
top deck
tourist town
the City
40 degrees
probably less
bridge crossing
Golden Gate

clouds split
sun shines
on her, her smile
eyes sparkle – indeed
a thousand years
within a single

across a bridge
bridge crossing
clouds break
a stream of light
a rail
of hope
future expression
her eyes
the City
future built
even now
even then

back of the bus
up on top
sight seeing
seeing sights
skinny streets
Queen Anne
Italian something
(i can’t quite remember)
history and words and mumbles

skies gray and graying
behind windows
on a dock made of wood
worn smooth by boots
of fishermen
a fishery now restaurant

she shines
as all other conversation fades
silence carves delicate picture
her hand is cold
but warming


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