news – part 1 –

17 Jan

so two pieces of interesting information:

1. heroin love songs vol. 2, edition 1, dropped around January 18, 2010. the kids over at epic rites are supporting it now. you can find it here. wolfgang carstens really deserves credit for the way the page looks. most cool and excellent, and shit. there are some great writers in it:

Annie Rink
Samantha Ledger
Erin Reardon
Teri Louise Kelly
Cynthia Dawson
Felino Soriano
John Dorsey
Ryan Sayles
Kevin Reid
Puma Perl
A.D. Winans
Charles Brooks III
Karl Koweski
Barbara Moore
Frank Walsh
Mick Parsons
Samantha Robbins
Steve Calamars
Dante Ocariz
Scot Young
Dan Ames
Andrew Taylor
Maria Gornell
Jenny Toune
Dan Provost
Andrew Lopas
James Duncan
Deanna F. Prall

there are even short stories…who knew. the hope is to have the next edition chock full of interviews and nude pictures. well maybe not interviews.

and number 2.

well it’s a different post fuckers…


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