poem: at least say goodbye

8 Feb

at least say goodbye

at least say goodbye
so long
far well
fuck off
or something

i deserve that
if anything
don’t you think?

however brief
words and whispers
consultations and confessions

you never expected
and i never offered
but a familiar
pain returns

back in high school
the lonely kid
the ugly kid with bad skin
bad teeth
left with dust in his mouth
regret at his feet

you could have told me
when things changed
when i became nothing more
than a faded shirt
left in a Goodwill bag

i am a fool as always
a fool standing alone
on a curb
awaiting a bus
that never slows
drenched in the misery
of expectation

perhaps i should delete you
your image
your profile
but the companionship of memory
of things that could have been
still provide
as snow falls
and morning shares no sun


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