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26 Feb

Recently I discovered two reviews of my work that have deeply humbled me. Humbled due to the great respect I hold for the reviewers, both as critics and for their own work. David McLean has reviewed “Crunked,” a collection of my poetry that I find deeply troubling. And disturbing. When I reread it I often have those moments where I think a line of appropriateness has been crossed. Of course, I am a staunch advocate of freedom of speech, thought and expression, sometimes I wish I would cut off my hands, my tongue, and stab out my eyes. “Crunked” will be out in the Fall, I am guessing, from Epic Rites. Puma Perl reviewed “with the Patience of Monuments.” In her article she found things I never saw in my own writing. That always pisses me off. But the true value of poetry, in a deep philosophical sense, is that it should provide something unique to each reader. After all, each reader brings a different lens of life experience that informs that which they consume.

If you have any interest they can be found at:

Crunked, Reviewed by David McLean

with the Patience of Monuments, Reviewed by Puma Perl




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