Short Story: Julian Stories

25 May

one of the Julian Stories got accepted to a newish on-line blogzine that carries the moniker of Sleep. Snort. Fuck.

Julian has mysterious past and limited future. Drug addict, obsessive-compulsive, fringe lunatic; Julian lives in the shadows of Hollywood’s wannabe superstars. A neighbor he barely knows invites him to an exclusive club on the Sunset Strip where he meets up with a Pop Singer. For reasons Julian doesn’t know or care to know, the Pop Singer seduces him with very little effort. The chapter that is reprinted in Sleep. Snort. Fuck. takes up with Julian and the Pop Singer in a bathroom stall sharing a button bagged of methamphetamine. It marks the beginning of Julian’s last spiral downward into the unknown and he goes along without hesitation.

You can find the story here.

the julian stories, it's about getting ass


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