poem: taking it back

10 Aug

i sit in this shit hole airport –
next plane out –
Utah –
fucking Utah –
three years lost –
chasing fairytales and fantasies –
cartoon kingdoms –
destined to fall –
i read the brochure
all the fine print –
the government knew something i didn’t –

Wall Street
keeps fucking
anyone they want –
they keep fucking
the deaf and dumb,
the blind and hungover,
the innocent and benign –
people like you and me –
maybe me more than you but who’s keeping track?

we watch with horror
change the channel
when truth begins to seep from cracks –
we bury our head between the thighs
of reality show heroines,
wrap our lips around Hollywood cock –

Washington tells us to:
“just hang on”
“wait a little more”
“change is coming”

bile fills my mouth –
my hands ball into fists –
a shotgun sits loaded –

maybe it’s time to start over –
maybe it’s time to rise up –

when will we tire of first Congressional dance –
the pissing and moaning over whose side is right –
they are all dogs on short leashes –
whipped to a frenzy by PACs and lobbyists –

are we that deaf?
are we that stupid?

i am –

i keep asking:
what have i done?
what WILL i do?

have i stopped before i started or
is it time to start again?


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