poem by D.B. Pécheur

20 Oct

a good friend of mine, D.B. Pécheur, has a poem posted on Deuce Coupe. check it. it may seem to bear an uncanny resemblance to things I may have written in the past, but it is all his…

d.b. is a cranky asshole most days and he refuses a FB (at this point) but I am pushing him. he is a much better writer than me with… a greater range. his interests exist beyond the realm of wanton sexual fantasy and drug abuse…

short bio on D.B. – born and raised in Bullhead, Arizona, D.B. is over-educated, under nourished and without any common sense. An English teacher at a community college in Southern California, D.B. just returned to writing poetry after several decades of inactivity. He is around 70, give or take, and, on some days, looks to be 80 and on other days he looks 50. Go figure. Never married but never without companionship, D.B. is currently turning heads with is 22 year old Latina girlfriend, Rafaela…

Link to the posting is here


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