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27 Oct

Tree Killer Ink – Press Release

by Epic Rites Press on Tuesday, October 26, 2010 at 10:16am

“Tree Killer Ink, from Epic Rites Press, is probably the best thing to come out of Alberta since The Calgary Stampede.” – David Blaine, Outside Writers

Tree Killer Ink has secured major distribution here in Canada – putting the magazine into hundreds of news boxes and venues! The magazine is presently under reconstruction to prepare for a re-launch.

There have been seven issues so far that have featured some of the best underground authors and artists. It would take a lengthy paragraph to list them all! They include Rob Plath, John Yamrus, William Taylor Jr., Todd Moore, John Dorsey, Gerald Locklin, A.D. Winans, Dan Fante, Lyn Lifshin, John Macker, Catfish McDaris, Jason Hardung, Pablo Vision, Henry Denander – and that’s only scratching the surface of the phenomenal authors and artists that have appeared in Tree Killer Ink.

The remaining five issues to complete the first year of Tree Killer Ink will be “showcase issues” – featuring the work of a single author. The next issues will feature the work of Jason Hardung (Issue #8), Karl Koweski (Issue #9), John Dorsey (Issue #10), Todd Moore (Issue #11). The final issue to complete the subscription will be announced shortly.

To commemorate the “contributor” issues, #7 is a massive twenty-page monster featuring new work by Jack T. Marlowe, Lynne Hayes, Jason Hardung, Christopher Anodyne, Murphy Clamrod, John Yamrus, Diana Rose, William Taylor Jr., Mike Meraz, John Dorsey, Dan Fante, Frankie Metro, Nic St. James, Todd Moore, Frank Reardon, M.J. Taylor, Casey Quinn, Pablo Vision, Newamba Flamingo, M.P. Powers, Karl Koweski, A. Molotkov, Peycho Kanev, Rob Plath, Wolfgang Carstens, Catfish McDaris, Jack Henry, Henry Denander, Zack Wilson and A.D. Winans. There is enough dynamite packed into this issue to destroy a small village!

The re-launch of Tree Killer Ink will probably happen sometime in early 2011 and I’ll re-open submissions to the public then.

We’re gonna break out of this underground darkness with cockroaches in our teeth and middle fingers stabbing the air!

– Wolfgang Carstens


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