guest editor at the Whistling Fire –

10 Dec

for the month of March I am the guest editor at the Whistling Fire. That means you can submit, I read, accept or reject, and post. Not that complicated. The guidelines are the page are a bit difficult to read so I will add them here:

Our March Guest Editor is Jack Henry

Submission Deadline February 19th

Dear Writers,

Words today have more power than ever but many fail to utilize their strength. And I am getting a little sick and tired of it. I want to see, feel, touch and taste images; I want surprise and wonder.

My aesthetic comes from punk rock, the streets of Los Angeles, the badlands of Montana and the decaying shores of the Salton Sea. Writing finds its influence from places one never expects, places one may never sit down and actually reflect upon. I encourage words filled with power and strength that originate from the dark, dirty corners of a real or imagined reality.

In my role as guest editor I want words that push, challenge, and, ultimately, kick the readers’ ass. Go to a place you’ve always feared, a place you have never wanted to expose; rip back the flesh and let blood flow. Send your most honest, in-your-face words possible. Break rules. If you can’t, don’t bother. As I used to say while editing Heroin Love Songs, don’t suck.

Now start writing –
Jack Henry

Rules: Accepting Poetry Only! Please send your poetry to No more than five poems submission, one submission per author. Must be sent as an attachment (MS WORD preferred). Please include the words “March Editor” in your subject line. Simultaneous submissions and previously published work not accepted. Please include a short third person bio for our contributor’s page. Submissions Close: February 19th.

JACK HENRY is a poet/writer living in desert of South Eastern California. JACK HENRY has over 300 accepted works, published in a variety of forums and formats. A few collected books of JACK HENRY’S are floating around including: with the Patience of Monuments (NeoPoeisis Press, 2009), Chasing Screaming Monkeys without any Clothes (d/e/a/d/b/e/a/t press, 2008), Scrawl (3K Publishing, 2007) and a new one, Crunked (Epic Rites Press), will arrive in 2011.

At one time JACK HENRY ran the now-defunct Journal of Heroin Love Songs, spent time as a radio host of the infamous Rob & Jack America: Two Idiots in the Wasteland, and worked as a doorman at Big Belle’s Gentleman’s Club.

Currently JACK HENRY works odd jobs, writes on rare occasion and runs a bar near the Mexican border. JACK HENRY posts random bits online at Rumor has it that JACK HENRY received his MFA from UCR, but he will neither confirm or deny this fact.


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    fixed the comment posting capability so all you haters can leave your shit…

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