poem: it’s cold outside

20 Dec

i do not know why stars fill the night sky,
or how rainbows gain their color.
i do not claim to understand a politicians’ motives,
or why children still starve to death in 2010.

i cannot explain why i miss you,
when we never really started,
when we never really said anything at all.

i have never been to Paris or Rome
or cities that seem to matter to those that claim to know.
i have never swam in an ocean other than my own.
i do not see past tomorrow or even the next hour.

sometimes i think i see your face
in line at Walmart,
or at a bookstore in an empty poetry section.
sometimes the silence of morning brings back memories
you should have been in.

sometimes i stand at the edge of the Salton Sea
and watch birds lift in flight.

i do not know trigonometry, or organic chemistry.
i cannot fly an airplane or dance a tango
or remember Shakespeare’s sonnets.

i have never been to Oklahoma in winter or, played poker in Las Vegas.

i am really not a poet, it’s a past time i pretend at.
i cannot explain my humor, except it hides all my pain.


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