whistling fire –

3 Mar

my editorship has ended and i have made selections. you can find those here.

They said some nice things about me and published a couple of my poems.

Dear Readers,

This February TWF reached its second year of publication. To celebrate we featured new work by our first four contributors. These four authors were instrumental in helping TWF become what it is today. We would be amiss however to forget our fifth contributor, a poet who not only contributed his work but whose advice, stemming from his experience running Heroin Love Songs, was invaluable to our editors when creating TWF. He also happens to be this month’s Guest Editor, Jack Henry. It is no surprise Jack’s theme asked poets to break all the rules, to write from their darkest places, and be as honest and in-your-face as possible because this is exactly what Jack’s own work exemplifies. We would like to congratulate the four poets selected by Mr. Henry for his month and thank Jack for his tireless effort. The Editors at TWF feel that with each Guest Editor Month it is important to find work that introduces exactly what our Guest Editor’s were looking for in their theme. Who better to introduce Jack Henry’s theme than the man himself?

Happy Reading,

Lauren Cummings


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