we sit waiting along the Salton Sea

25 Mar

each day the suns takes away another piece of the Salton Sea –
winds drive in to carry dust through trees and clouds, out across cities that hide million dollar homes –

we sit waiting along the Salton Sea,
for turning tides and skies that always feel gray to slumber long
and forget to remember the last path home –

we watch the horizon and wonder if the world has left us lingering,
left us wanting, praying on our bloodied knees –

lives consumed by petulant tides, red algae blooms, and the silent hum
of geo-thermal power plants in Calipatria –

each summer brings another fish kill, another plague of locust, frog and sadness –

Main Street remains shackled, boarded up, locked down –
new homes lay rotting –
stores sit empty –
we stand outside of the law –

a neighbor cooks meth in a single-wide trailer –
i get a volume discount –
there’s nothing left to do except mark each day
on the calendar with a red X and look for work in
the classifieds from a newspaper two weeks old –


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