poem: One More Day

26 Mar

Alone at the edge of star crusted tide,
Trees bend from sainted wind –
Sea birds huddle close together –
Whispers vaporize on clouded breath –
A moon, full and eager, blends in a gray mist sky –
Morning nears –

My hand drifts down your back –
Blue eyes open –
A smile climbs alabaster skin –
Tattoos collaborate hidden meaning –
Floorboards creak from silent movement –

Through an open window a menacing sea comes to life –
Linen curtains lift and flow on invisible waves –
Your arms wrap around me –
Words fleck across my neck –
We light candles and drink stall coffee –
Laughter fills a barren room –
The sun climbs on its rise –

She stands, leads me away with a kiss –
Toys from a night just past lay discarded –
Clothes stack on a rattan chair –
One more day, just one more day –


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