poem: alone on a path that leads to the back of my mind

5 Apr

the blinking cursor damns me –
– some days i cannot write
– some days i cannot speak
– some days words have no meaning
and an incredulous sky opens with sighs of sorrow,
consumes me,
swallows me whole without thought or consequence
and i find myself wandering alone
on a path that leads to the back of my mind –

each step a consequence –
each breath a dream –
on-coming traffic plays peekaboo
with telephone poles –
street walkers smoke cigarettes,
say, hey baby wanna party –
homeless men sit around fire –
a cop drives by without interest –
i sit at a bus stop waiting –
the glow of the city brightens
a dampened night filled with clouds –

days hold me speechless as i split in two –
one half no more equal than the other –
we cannot speak aloud in the library,
our voices carry through concrete walls –
an old women feeds pigeons stale bread held in a brown paper bag –
the mission opens to feed the broke-down –
one half turns left, the other walks straight ahead –

a man posts a sign to a utility pole –
the circus is back in town
and i headline at center ring –

another day and then one more –

there are holes in my shoes from
so much walking –
when a nun says hello
i find i have nothing left to say –


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