unadorned press –

25 Apr

i recently decided to submit stuff for publication. not sure why. maybe it has something do with impending death…

got accepted at something called Unadorned Press.

This from their FB page:

The Unadorned Reader
Volume one

includes poems by
Annie Brodrick
Ashly Salmon
Christy Harrington
David Parham
Diana Rose
Dianne Borsenik
Edaurdo Jones
Frank Reardon
Jack Shaw
John Dorsey
Lynne Hayes
Murphy Clamrod
Mj Taylor
Olive McCoy-Davis
Patrick Connors
Tihana Novosel
Yossarian Hunter

over 30 poems

$6.50 via paypal or $5.00 CASH

PayPal: unadornedpress@ymail.com
please be sure to include address for shipping

CASH: Unadorned Press

PO Box 421
Tilton, NH

please be sure to include address for shipping & conceal cash properly

*please help spread the WORD!*

contributors copies, will be sent as address are e-mailed to us…

The link is here.

tell em Erica sent you….

don’t forget HEROIN LOVE SONGS, a journal of irreverence and miss-spellings…


One Response to “unadorned press –”

  1. Babs April 25, 2011 at 3:02 pm #

    Coolness. And ditto. Thank goodness for impending death.

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