poem: shattered highway

14 Sep

shattered highway

…and I watch a broken down road rumble
beneath my wheels, the desert wind whipping
through my thinning hair,
memories of love lost and battles won
drift through my head,
a dull gray moon lifts effortlessly into a waning sky –

I lean against my car
at a rest stop half-way between
Los Angeles and Phoenix,
smoking another cigarette,
the day’s heat refuses
to settle into the comforting cool
of a traveler’s night –

mother’s and father’s wrangle their children between the family van
and the rank stink of restrooms in need of restoration –
young women laugh as serial killer’s leer from behind tinted windows –
the daily grind of the nine-to-five
breaks down the fire yearning to reignite
just beneath the surface of my skin –
words still spill across white pages,
random in order, beyond denial –
a small plane flies overhead,
it’s engine sputters in and out of sequence,
crashes onto the desert floor throwing dust and debris –
chaos out of order, a disruption of plan –

others stand and stare,
wait on the wail of approaching fire engines and police cars,
a tall woman stands next to me,
I offer her a cigarette,
we do not speak,
no one does –
from the wreckage
a pilot emerges,
stumbles across the highway
and sits down on a concrete wall –

…and the skies thicken
with black clouds filled
with thunder and lightning,
rain falls,
cops and firefighters do their thing
and I find my moment
to walk away –


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