review – “Crunked”

16 Sep

i am lucky to have received a very positive review of “crunked” which now appears at BOLD MONKEY. in all honesty it is completely unexpected given my feelings on “crunked” and how it may or may not be perceived in the so-called “public realm.”

from the review:

Crunked is the second full length poetry collection by Jack Henry. Written in confessional free verse, it documents with astounding honesty the life of a methamphetamine addict flung deep into his own private hell. These are stark, unembellished underground poems which are sometimes highly confrontational in subject matter which Jack Henry explores with uncensored abandon; including- drug use, prostitution and mental breakdown. Most of the poems are written in first person, but Henry adopts a variety of voices and styles in this collection to flesh out his harrowing perspective on life. The persona in most of the poems wavers between the voice of a defiant, never give-in-to-the-system ‘Superman’ while high, and the crushed voice of regret and self recrimination, while down and hanging out for the next line of speed or crack bong.

i like the way the review breaks into two parts. one that examines the core thematic material and, two, that examines my take on writing through writing. very interesting.

also, there’s an interview at the end of the review. i admit i am a lucky prick…

cheers you bastards…

you can pick up “crunked” at:


small press distribution

jack henry poet


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