unapologetic in meaning

29 Dec

unapologetic in meaning

what does it mean,
she asks
and i smile and laugh
and leave the stage without uttering
another word –

it is saturday or thursday
or the day before next,
stuck in a time between
the movement of a broken
second hand –

what does it mean,
she asks
standing next to me
in the back of a room
next to a wall covered
in faded posters
and notices and
8×10 announcements  –

it is a place,
a building,
a church or a store or something
more ambitious,
something unknown or unknowing,
a bar – perhaps,
where drinks are free
at least for the moment –

what does it mean,
she asks
sitting next to me
on the step of a brownstone,
just before midnight,
in a town by a river,
across a valley
yet very far from
an ocean (vast)
filled with silver fish
and drowning whales,
warming under the glare
of a sun suddenly at war –

i turn to her
as if to speak
as if to say something
something truthful,
something less than a lie,
but my tongue does not move,
my ears fill with sand,
trees bend under the weight of a sudden wind
dogs bark at ghosts and black widows
and i almost stand
as if to leave
but the weight of it all
turns me to stone & i
fall slowly
to the floor –

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