poem: an otherwise peaceful gravel road

29 Dec
another dry hot day
               here in the desert
a ribbon of black slithers across the vast
                flat basin
coils of heat rise
                waves of life
fingers of hands raised to heavens blind eye
we sit quiet in shade built by man
a clutch of old abandoned buildings
clustered around a railway station
                no train comes
                or goes
                no settlers arrive or disembark
                no cowboys and Indians at play

a fat black crow sits atop a railing
                covered in thick veins of rust
he cries at me
caw, caw, he says
caw, caw indeed
at nightfall the sun will vanish
yet temperatures will remain high
a dry thick heat
                maddening in its way
wraps across the skin of man and woman
a body drops at the crack of a gunshot
i drag a lifeless form to a grave carved
                from yearning flesh of Mother earth
a  steel blade from a shovel scraps against dust

ashes to ashes, we all fall down

morning begins to glow in an Eastern sky
children sing and dance in faraway towns
mothers lay down with strangers
a car disturbs an otherwise peaceful gravel road

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