asylum floor 4 now available

some months ago Brenton Booth asked me to contribute to Asylum Floor. i immediately wrote a new poem, several actually in that sitting, and one of those was accepted. june of this year regards the psychosis of isolation related to the pandemic. rattling around an empty cage, contemplating a way out, but waiting just a bit longer.

from june of this year:

i miss red meat.
i miss speed.
i miss fucking hookers
in a bathroom stall at
a back-alley bar in
downtown Los Angeles.
i miss crowds of people
clamoring toward a stage.

it can be found for purchase at amazon but always use so charities get a little taste as well.

from amazon:

The Asylum Floor is a yearly anthology dedicated to honest inspired writing. This issue features 78 pages of poetry, stories and comics by Ted Jonathan, Mather Schneider, Tony Gloeggler, Catfish McDaris, Alan Catlin, Richard Vargas, Janne Karlsson, Dave Roskos, Jack Henry, Jenny Santellano, Ryan Quinn Flanagan, Curtis Hayes, Wendy Rainey, Wolfgang Carstens, Brenton Booth, K.W. Peery and Matt Borczon. Cover by Marcel Herms and Robert Hansen.


follow the link

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