Fearless 74 revealed

kevin hibshman has released another remarkable edition of fearless. i have been honored to be accepted in three editions now and kevin picks the most honest, cutting edge poetry out there.  my work is as honest as i get, from ribald to fantasy, i put it out there.  this edition is no different.

one of my most personal, abet subjective, poems, shatter.

shatter is about a transitional man having a one night stand with another man, but it is really about one individual not fitting into the world, as they perceive it, and struggling with acceptance for who they want to be as opposed to who they are.  it plays on the constant struggle between self and projection of self. i use gay imagery as the impact is often more damning and immediate, as well as higher shock value.  not that i am subsuming gay identity as a negative, rather i find gender identification fascination, especially as i have struggled over the years.

from shatter

his shark black eyes
roll into the back of his head
as i swallow his cum.
he dresses quickly,
suddenly aware of my dead, flaccid cock
poking out from dirty panties.

i find hetronormative poetry alive with fluid and often blunt depictions of sex and sexuality in mainstream poetry whereas homornormative poetic narratives are still buried in metaphor, in the mainstream. underground is certainly robust with homoerotic narrative that is straight forward (pun intended) and in your face (again, intended). i want to get to a point where the mainstream literati (so-called) allow for and find normal the depiction of overt fucking as normative, regardless the participant.

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