rust belt review #6 released

i have two poems in the latest RUST BELT REVIEW, winter 2021.

june of last year is interesting because i sent it to a different journal, where i thought it to be accepted, only to receive a copy of said journal with a different poem under that title.  as i enjoy this poem i resub’d to RBP and it was accepted.

back to sunset blvd was accepted after a few rejections. i rewrote it extensively, to the point that it really should be a differently titled poem, and it was accepted by jay. this is one of my more surreal poems centered on a prostitute whose client is killed at the beach, something the main character observes but is oblivious and does not react. when the main character realizes she is free he takes the opportunity to return her to Sunset Blvd., most likely to fuck her but i didn’t provide that conclusion.

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