what is this about?

well, in short, its just one of the billions of blogs out in the world, but unlike most, this one does not care if anyone every reads it.

i realized some years back that i needed an outlet to manage my writing.  upcoming publication, existing, and to promote various venues.  it’s all about the links.  i use the links on this page to reach out to other poetry venues and it helps with SEO, but so what really?

it’s all about me.

my name is jack henry and i am a poet.  i have been writing poetry since the 9th grade, and perhaps earlier but there is no record.  the poetry in those days proved most dreadful.  teary and weepy dirges about love and loss; mostly loss.

i didn’t really take poetry serious until college and English lit.  quickly i discovered that i hated most poets presented in English lit, and subsequent poetry classes until i got my masters fine arts.

10 years ago i burned out on pretty much everything.  i abandoned social media, poetry, publishing, my journal Heroin Love Songs, and anything else that was my own.  i dove deep into my marriage, social acceptance, and living the 9 to 5 dream.  failed at every level.

now i am back and writing again, as well as getting published, as well as running HLSV2.0.

let’s just see what happens this time.