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prose: temporary vice

27 Dec

Sara shook my hand with a firm grip and apologized for a cold hand.

“Well, it is 20 degrees out?”

“Is it? Really?” She seemed genuinely surprised or faked it well.
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review: Crunked reviewed by David McLean in Feb 2011

14 Sep

review: Crunked reviewed by David McLean in Feb 2011

Note: This is from February 2010 originally at Clockwise Cat. I am not sure what version of Crunked this is based on, but here you go…
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poem: low rent living

14 Mar

she walked into the living room,
sat on a thrift store reject couch,
adjusted her breasts,
and lit a cigarette –
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guest editor at the Whistling Fire –

10 Dec

for the month of March I am the guest editor at the Whistling Fire. That means you can submit, I read, accept or reject, and post. Not that complicated. The guidelines are the page are a bit difficult to read so I will add them here:
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tree killer ink –

27 Oct

Tree Killer Ink – Press Release

by Epic Rites Press on Tuesday, October 26, 2010 at 10:16am

“Tree Killer Ink, from Epic Rites Press, is probably the best thing to come out of Alberta since The Calgary Stampede.” – David Blaine, Outside Writers

Tree Killer Ink has secured major distribution here in Canada – putting the magazine into hundreds of news boxes and venues! The magazine is presently under reconstruction to prepare for a re-launch.

There have been seven issues so far that have featured some of the best underground authors and artists. It would take a lengthy paragraph to list them all! They include Rob Plath, John Yamrus, William Taylor Jr., Todd Moore, John Dorsey, Gerald Locklin, A.D. Winans, Dan Fante, Lyn Lifshin, John Macker, Catfish McDaris, Jason Hardung, Pablo Vision, Henry Denander – and that’s only scratching the surface of the phenomenal authors and artists that have appeared in Tree Killer Ink.

The remaining five issues to complete the first year of Tree Killer Ink will be “showcase issues” – featuring the work of a single author. The next issues will feature the work of Jason Hardung (Issue #8), Karl Koweski (Issue #9), John Dorsey (Issue #10), Todd Moore (Issue #11). The final issue to complete the subscription will be announced shortly.

To commemorate the “contributor” issues, #7 is a massive twenty-page monster featuring new work by Jack T. Marlowe, Lynne Hayes, Jason Hardung, Christopher Anodyne, Murphy Clamrod, John Yamrus, Diana Rose, William Taylor Jr., Mike Meraz, John Dorsey, Dan Fante, Frankie Metro, Nic St. James, Todd Moore, Frank Reardon, M.J. Taylor, Casey Quinn, Pablo Vision, Newamba Flamingo, M.P. Powers, Karl Koweski, A. Molotkov, Peycho Kanev, Rob Plath, Wolfgang Carstens, Catfish McDaris, Jack Henry, Henry Denander, Zack Wilson and A.D. Winans. There is enough dynamite packed into this issue to destroy a small village!

The re-launch of Tree Killer Ink will probably happen sometime in early 2011 and I’ll re-open submissions to the public then.

We’re gonna break out of this underground darkness with cockroaches in our teeth and middle fingers stabbing the air!

– Wolfgang Carstens

erbacce press prize winner announced!

7 Jul

erbacce press has announced the winner of their annual prize. the release is ripped and embedded below:


The four judges have read 1327 entries and have whittled them down (not without a lot of blood, sweat, curses, disagreements (…and even the odd tear) to a short-list of just three. it then took a solid five hours of debate to come up with a winner; the book of the winner’s collected poems will be launched in the New Year 2011

PS: Start getting your entries ready for the
erbacce-prize 2011:

The winner of the erbacce-prize 2010 is:

Connor Stratman

Steve Klepetar & Beverley Nambozo Nsengiyunva were considered worthy joint runners-up and erbacce-press will also offer them a chap-book publication and a contract.

Congrats to all.


deep tissue july edition –

3 Jul

I have the honor being included in the latest edition of Deep Tissue. It’s chock full of stellar scribes, including my old friend David McLean, and a bunch of other glorious bastards. Read it here or go directly to the site, but read it. click here

comments from the fringe –

4 May

When I get a new book of poetry I enjoy carrying it around in my pocket. Random sure but it’s my thing. This is not a process repeated with novels or biographies or magazines. (Which the exception of Playboy for reasons different that what you are thinking) Just poetry.
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poem: on the outside

12 Apr

on the outside i lay bleeding
i’m sorry Mrs. Robinson
he will not survive the procedure
rolling laughter sounds
priests and poets
and jackals of every shade
wander hallways
too bright
by antiseptic light
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poem: a Shepard’s Lament

12 Apr

a Shepard’s lament

he lay
torn and bleeding
fisted deep by frenzied lust
she never mentioned her name
but left a single word
written across dust
in blood

devoid of meaning
transfixed by his own suffering
laying in a manger
of dirty clothes
and spoiled sundries
each cough produces
a chunk of lung
he thought might be the last
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gloom cupboard –

15 Mar

i had the good luck of getting published in Gloom Cupboard. it can be found Here.

if you’ve not read Gloom Cupboard you are missing out. they generally pick writers much better than myself.

reviews –

26 Feb

Recently I discovered two reviews of my work that have deeply humbled me. Humbled due to the great respect I hold for the reviewers, both as critics and for their own work. David McLean has reviewed “Crunked,” a collection of my poetry that I find deeply troubling. And disturbing. When I reread it I often have those moments where I think a line of appropriateness has been crossed. Of course, I am a staunch advocate of freedom of speech, thought and expression, sometimes I wish I would cut off my hands, my tongue, and stab out my eyes. “Crunked” will be out in the Fall, I am guessing, from Epic Rites. Puma Perl reviewed “with the Patience of Monuments.” In her article she found things I never saw in my own writing. That always pisses me off. But the true value of poetry, in a deep philosophical sense, is that it should provide something unique to each reader. After all, each reader brings a different lens of life experience that informs that which they consume.

If you have any interest they can be found at:

Crunked, Reviewed by David McLean

with the Patience of Monuments, Reviewed by Puma Perl



poem: at least say goodbye

8 Feb

at least say goodbye

at least say goodbye
so long
far well
fuck off
or something

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pome: the stillness of a western sky

20 Jan

the stillness of a western tide

trees still bend
as waves of light
disappear over
purple mountains
i stand at the stillness
of a western tide
teeth clenched
and dreaming –

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news – part 2

17 Jan

interesting tidbit number 2.

2. i got an excellent review by g.d. anderson over at his blog, http://georgedanderson.blogspot.com/2010/01/book-review-jack-henry-with-patience-of.html. check it out if you dare. concerns the book “with the Patience of Monuments.”

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